Thursday, July 5, 2012


Also be on the lookout tomorrow for our interview with Bumpy Knuckles AKA Freddie Foxx and his thoughts on the new album as well. Illuminati 2G is here with DJ Premier, hows it going? Good man, all is well, just lounging at the Nas rehearsal at the VEVO awards that he is doing with Pete Rock. Pete is on the turntables interrupting my interview. Shouts out to Pete say what’s up to everybody Pete: What it do! March 27th you have your new album entitled Kolexxion dropping with Bumpy Knuckles. Tell me a little bit about how the project came together for the both of you. Really it is called Kolexxion because it is a collection of songs that we did together since 2005, 2006. That includes the Nas record, Turn Up The Mic, that is from 2006 and it was released already as a single, but we just redid the track. There are also alot of updated and newer beats on the album as well and I sent those to Bumpy to see if he was feeling them and wanted to add new songs to the project. He ended up using all of the beats and I told him let’s just go ahead and make this a official album. The Nas track I just went back then and redid the beat, even though lyrics wise it is from 2006 and give it a more modern sound. I mean he was talking about being married on the track and he is not married anymore, but for me history is history. It’s not so much what you think of it as it is about what you do with history and we decided to embrace it and touch it up a bit. There are 8 new beats that no one has heard before that were made for other artists. We have The Life, which was on a 12 inch that I dropped years ago. The Key is on there, P.A.I.N.E., these are older tracks and then we just took the newer ones and mixed them all together. After this album what is next for you and your label, Year Round Records? The NYG’z are next, they are dropping a album. It’s called Hustler’s Union, Dom produced the whole album and I am really happy and excited for this album. This is that gritty, street New York sounding album that really sounds like the city. It is not on that bring NY back tip, it just sounds like the city, musically and lyrically. I also have a artist from Houston, Texas named Khaleel. He has a album coming out entitled Already and I also have Teflon from M.O.P. 1st Family. This is a album he had back when he was on Def Jam years ago and we gave it a tune up and a face lift to it. The album will have Joell Ortiz, Styles P, Saigon, Jaguar Wright, Krumb Snatcha are all on it. The album is called Contraband and it will drop through my label and Works Of Mart production company as well. Year Round Records is geared more towards newer artists and Works Of Mart for the vets. Lady Of Rage will also be coming out and that will be on Works Of Mart. Me and Pete Rock are also doing a album together, it’s a battle album so we are working on that. I did 2 joints for Busta Rhymes new album, which he just called me yesterday and said he wants another beat, I am working on a Slaughterhouse joint right now as we speak. Did I miss anybody? Umm Immortal Technique, 38 Special, look out for him, he is from Rochester, New York, my man Kool Sphere from Verbal Threat, Inspectah Deck from the Wu Tang we got a joint that is popping. This is just some of the latest stuff that I have been banging out and I am looking forward to everything. I just wanted to go over with you 3 of some of my favorite DJ Premier produced tracks. First is JFK To LAX on the Gangstarr Moment Of Truth album.

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